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Play Catch

Produced under the supervision of
JPBPA (Japan Professional Baseball Players Association)


The naming of “You-Ball” is delivered from the Japanese words
“遊[ju:]” which means PLAY, “友[ju:]” which means FRIEND, and English word “YOU”.

Characteristics of “You-Ball”

・Co-produced with JPBPA

・Soft and safe specialized for playing catch

・It can be played with or without a glove

・Stitches on the ball indicate the proper position of handgrips

・It is ideal for playing catch, which is the origin of
 baseball,and it can be enjoyed regardless of age or gender

・It is not suitable for batting



Surface - synthetic leather
Core - rubber sponge
Sowing thread - cotton
“Packing description and accessories:
Two pieces per plastic case
Includes a special catching instruction
edited by JPBPA

Special Comments by JPBPA 


JPBPA co-produced an exclusive ball for playing catch with one of the major Japanese ball manufacturers
“Naigai Rubber Industry Co., Ltd.”. After several stages of development, the ball has gained elasticity for safety,
well stitching for control, and solid texture for players with or without a glove. That ball’s name is “You-Ball”.
It’s named after Japanese words “遊 [ju:]” which means PLAY, “友[ju:]” which means FRIEND, and English word “YOU”. As the name indicates, “You-Ball” is not only for fathers and kids, but it can be enjoyed by mothers and among other ladies. We especially wish to present this ball to ex-little baseball players who do not have many opportunities to play catch but often try remembering the grip of breaking balls when they touch a ball.