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Hanenite Gel





- Effective as vibration-prevention and impact-absorbing material for machines

- Excellent impact resilience

- Two types: one for general use and another for antistatic use (specific volume  resistance: 1.3 ´ 106 W・cm)

(Antistatic gel comes in black only.)



-  Best suited for preventing furniture and home electrical appliances from falling over in the event of an earthquake

-  Its adhesiveness is weak, so it does not damage the item it is used on even when it is peeled off.

-  Excellent bleed resistance.

Dimensions of standard product:  

Sheet: 300 mm ´ 300 mm

Thickness: Approx. 1 to 5 mm

hardness:   5 to 50 degrees      (JIS hardness type: E)
Adhesive force:   Adjustable from non-adhesive to strong adhesive power

We can manufacture Hanenite gel to meet your requirements provided it is in within the range of features above.

Hanenite gel is thermoplastic, so it can be processed and molded into various shapes.

Physical properties

*The measurementy values are not guaranteed performance value.

Type standard antistatic



HGN-25 HGN-A30
Hardness(E) 26 30 JIS K6253
Specific gravity 0.92 0.92 -
Tensile strength(MPa) 3.5 < 3.53 JIS K6251
Elongation(%) 900 < 960 JIS K6251
Tear strength(kN/m) 10.2 11.2 JIS K6252
Tear strength(kgf/cm) 10.4 11.5 JIS K6252
Repulsion elasticity(%) 35 20 JIS K6255
Compression permanent set(%)/70℃×22h 52 45 JIS K6262
Static shear elestic modulus(MPa) 016 0.15 JIS K6264
Static shear elestic modulus(kgf/cm2) 1.64 1.53 JIS K6254
resistivity(Ω・cm) - 1.0×107 ohmmeter