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Triaxial acceleration sensor

The axial acceleration sensor is a new acceleration sensor in a sense that it detects acceleration by separating the three dimensional acceleration, expressed in terms of X, Y and Z axes, into the acceleration component of each axis. We have realized a simple-structured and low-cost product by adopting a capacitance system with the acceleration detection method.

Additionally, we can flexibly customize earthquake detectors using this acceleration sensor into ones for vertical vibration detection, horizontal vibration detection from all horizontal directions, and such like so that they meet your requirements.

Patent number:      3766190

Absolute Mazimum Rating

specification For high sensitive Unit Notes
Storage tem. -25~80  
Operation temp. -10~50  No Condensation
Power supply voltage -0.3~7 V  





specification For high sensitive Unit Notes
Drive voltage 5 V  
Detection direction

3 axis

(X,Y, Z)
Rated acceleration ±1.5 G Full Scale
Detection sensitivity 105 mV/G ※1
Linearity ±2 %FS  

Zero output

mV ※1

Sensitivity temp.

±3 mV Operating temp. range ※1
Frequency response DC~50 Hz  

Other axis

±3 %  
Resonant frequency 100 Hz  
Current consumption 4 mA  

※※1 LPF after passing (Sensor: PWM output)

Lead color
Shield line:GND
Green:X axis out(Vx)
White:Y axis output(Vy)

Yellow:Z axis output(Vz)



1)   There is a resonance frequency in the vicinity of the upper limit of the frequency response.
      Please do not apply in particular resonant frequency over frequency response.
      It may cause of the damage.


2)   Please do not apply excessive shock even after transport and installation

      becaue of the high sensitive sensor


3)   Because of the sensor improvements, there is a case to change the specifications
      without notice this specification.


Optional Circuit

Optional Circuits are available upon your request

Amplifier circuit


Connecting output circuit


Earthquake detection circuit ( Algorithm Software included )