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Naigai Rubber's presentation to the world Summer standard item
produced by Naigai Rubber

In 1952, the world's first beach sandals "Beach Walk" were created. These sandals were designed by Ray Pastine, an industrial designer in the U.S., and created by our closed pore sponge technology. Blue Dia originates from these sandals.

At that time, Japanese footwear with a fabric thong (geta, zori) was generally a pair whose right and left shapes were the same. On the other hand, beach sandals had a shape that followed the soleprint of each side of the feet. In addition, comfort while wearing and walking in the sandals was prioritized by creating non-flat soles where the heels were about 2 mm higher than the other part.

In 1953, we started exporting these sandals to the U.S.A. Beach Walk created a boom in a sense that 100,000 pairs of them were sold a month in Hawaii. Then, in 1955, we released "Blue Dia" which was improved for Japanese customers in domestic sales.

The manufacturing method and design of Blue Dia has not been changed since then. They are still popular now as standard beach sandals.



The soles, made of patented foamed rubber, offer an original fit that other products cannot provide.

- Rich color variation.


For Child   6~  8.5 inch
For Ladys  9~  9.5 inch
For Mens 10~11.5 inch

price: 1280yen~1480yen