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Familiar products

Naigai rubber products can be found in your house, town and around you.

Naigai rubber products are excellent in functionality and durability,so they can be actively used in various situations.

Record player (turntable mat)

Hybrid products such as Hanenite rubber and Hanenite gel are used as the platter mat of record turntables.

We guarantee large improvements in sound quality.

Hanenite gel
Digital cameras
Naigai rubber products are used for internal mechanical parts of digital cameras, portable phones, portable players, and such like for vibration prevention.
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School shoes requiring high durability and good design are also our representative products.

Our vibration-proof rubber Hanenite is also used for inner soles and soles of fine men's shoes and ladies' shoes.
Footwear products
Blue Dia

In town…


Elevators detect minor initial tremors (P waves) first and automatically stop and open the door on the nearest floor for safe evacuation so that people are not trapped in elevators and maximum priority is placed on human life in the event of an earthquake. Our products are often used for the earthquake-detection sensors that play an essential part in the above features.

(Our products are used for skyscraper buildings including Tokyo Sky Tree.)

Earthquake detectors
Acceleration sensors
Fitness mats
Our Hanenite is used to reduce the vibration and noise of heavy fitness machines. (Example: Large-scale fitness centers, etc.)
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